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Our Guest Book
Welcome to our Guest Book. We would be delighted to hear any comments you have about this web site and particularly any memories you have about Janet Munro.  This page will be updated regularly.   
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The following is a selection of Guest Book contributions from visitors to the site.

Name: matt young
Email: divorcing_jack_ni at yahoo.com
Address: Larne , Northern Ireland
Comments: Was browsing the net when i came across your site its excellent
and a good tribute to Janet such a shame that she died so young but its true what they say the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.


Name: Don Agey
Email: theorules at hotmail dot com
Address: W. Ave.
Quartz Hill, CA
Comments: I had a heavy crush on her from the first time and for a long
time, after I saw her in "Darby O'Gill and the Little People”


Name: Nicole
Email: galadriel333333 at hotmail.com
Comments: Swiss Family Robinson is one of my favourite Disney films. I
liked the character of Roberta because she was the girl in the movie and
we had the same first name. It was an old film for me; I was born in 1976.
I just remembered her face and I caught her in a movie about a horse-
riding school or something, but I never saw her anything else, and today I
decided to do a search and I found this page. I am glad someone has this
info out here. I had always wondered what happened to her. You have great
photos too!


Name: George Barrett
Email: georgebarrett at eircom.net
Address: Ferrybank Waterford.Ireland
It is a pleasure to see a wonderful site for this young person who died so young. I was born in the early 50s and she was my idol.



From:Russ Raynor


Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 7:06 AM

Subject: Janet Munro

Greetings from Long Island , New York . Here I am in the wee hours of the morning looking up  many of my favourite movie people as I sometimes do ...a recent visit to Disney world in Florida had me thinking of the many, many actors and actresses who were at one time so important to the Disney world but now seem to be forgotten by the Disney industry itself. I thought of Janet Munro and How lovely vibrant and fresh she was in Darby  O'Gill and Swiss Family etc. so here I am at your website, saddened that she is no longer with us but glad that she is being kept  alive in such a manner. Keep up the good work best wishes.

Russ Raynor


Name: Brett
Email: bretthernan at yahoo.com.au
Address: Australia

Comments: Janet Munro would have been 71 yesterday. In Australia the
national TV broadcaster played her movie, 'Bitter Harvest', which is a
story about a young girl who meets tragic circumstances chasing the
illusions of the glamorous life. It poignantly marked the day as a
memorial for a woman who also met a sad and early end. They couldn't make
a movie like that again if they tried. Janet was an actress with great
talent and haunting beauty. She is well deserving of our admiration.



Name: Ian Morrison
Email: ianmorrison.ian@gmaildotcom
Address: Australia
Comments: Thanks for this lovely tribute which I found after thoroughly
enjoying her portrayal in Bitter Harvest. Great acting and I'm sorry to
read of her passing away so young. Keep the good work up with your tribute
website. Brilliant idea .



Dear Mr. Byrne,

Thank you so much for putting together the website dedicated to Janet Munro.  I have often wondered what happened to her and am saddened to hear of her early death.  I became a fan of hers in 1960 while in 8th grade in the U.S. ; I saw Swiss Family Robinson and wanted to be just like her.  I even ordered a studio still photo of her from the movie so I could have my hair cut in a pixie just liker hers.  I watched all her Disney movies and I've often wondered why she never made a fifth.  I hope someday you are able to discover the truth.

You've done a wonderful job with this website.  Thank you again.


Christine Bless


I am Jerry Sharp of Birmingham , Alabama USA , no relationship that I know of
to Albert Sharpe.  I want to thank you for this site.  I am a fan of the
Darby O'Gill movie, one of my all time favourites. I have often wondered,
what happened to Janet Munro.  Thank you for your work.  Incidentally I am
of Irish English descent and look forward to the day that I visit Ireland
Scotland and England .  Although I am of Saxon descent, I love my Irish
heritage and I love Irish music.  The little tune on the site is just great.

Jerry Sharp


Name: Lawrence Fitzgibbon
Address: Harrow - Weald,
Comments: My most favourite film of all time is ''Darby O Gill and the
Little People”, I used to watch when I was a young boy going to the pictures
on Saturday afternoon, and now at 47 years of age I watch the film at least
twice a week. I was totally shocked to find that Janet Munro's life was cut
short at such a young age ,it was tragic. She was a brilliant actress and
would definitely made it to the top if she had lived. I am sure she will be
well rewarded for her kindness and for all the sugar she lent Mrs
Sugrue, and for the times she covered up for Darby to Lord Fitzpatrick when
he was in the pub telling stories. She will always be remembered, she gave
me many years of laughter and entertainment in the film ''Darby O Gill and
the little people. God bless her.



Name: Alan Bradley
Email: thalcave1atyahoo.com
Address: America
Comments: I first became aware of Janet Munro in the mid-1960s when I was
a little boy watching a rerun of Disney's "Swiss Family Robinson" on TV.

I'd always wondered what had become of that cute young lady.  I was
shocked and saddened to learn that she had died so young and such a long,
long time ago.

Thank you for your informative website.  It’s an apt tribute to a charming


Name: Blackbyrd2
Email: Blackbyrd2 at netscape dot net

Comments: It's amazing to me that after 30 odd years, the smile of a dead

Actress can evoke such a feeling of sorrow and loss in someone who didn't
even know her. I suppose it's all up to Disney's marketing (and probably
subliminal messages) that the introductory shot of Janet in Darby O' Gill
had such a profound impact on me as a child that I still carry a crush all
these years later.
I'm glad you're doing the work you're doing, assuming you will treat her
kindly. Her private life wasn't exactly Disneyesque, but in spite of that,
(or maybe because of that,) I want to see her remembered the way I
remember her; an Irish lass with more joy in her smile alone than a body
could contain, and laughter in her eyes.
I know that's not a realistic view of her, but it's the way I will always
remember her.


I must congratulate you on both the content
and presentation re Janet Munro. (And that includes the little Irish jig - I'm
Irish myself so it was instantly recognisable.)
I was originally looking for material about Ian Hendry when Janet Munro's name appeared.   I knew Ian back in the 70's.He was in a play in Birmingham and used to come into the Nightclub where I worked as resident pianist.  Being a 'film nut' I was deep in conversation with him about his films.  He had a great screen presence and Hollywood would have made him international. I mentioned to him that I was very impressed with Janet Munro's debut film with Gordon Harker, and with several of her later films- he seemed very sad at the mention of her name, though pleased that I was able to run off some of her other film titles.
Your feature about her could not be bettered and I congratulate you on the detail with which you have invested it.  I have put it in my 'Favourites' box to show to my film fan friends in due course.  Hope you will letme know if you have created any more such biographies.
With kind regards


Email: drshock5@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.geocities.com/dr_shock.geo

Comments: Thanks for a great web site. She was a very beautiful woman. Hey
if you get a chance check out my web site and look for the picture of me and
her daughter Caroline

REPLY………………Dr Shock…Caroline Munro is NOT Janet’s daughter. No relationship between the two.


Name: Larry Chalfant
Address:  Ohio USA
Website: n/a
Comments: I thought I was almost alone in admiration of this talented
young actress. Thank you for this website.


Name: Richard Munro

Comments: Charming website on a charming actress whose career was all too
short! Much thanks and Good luck from


From: "Duncan Will" 

Comments: Thanks a lot for putting together the Janet Munro page. I was unaware
that Janet had two children.


From: "Erik Hamilton"

Email: erik@crittendennews.com
Subject: Janet Munro

I was amazed to stumble on your site today. As a fan of hers, I was
looking up what had happened to her. All the rumours you hear. I hope you can
present the complete person. She was very talented, and like Sandy Denny,
who I believe has also been characterised wrongly, I applaud your efforts.
I'm in
Southern California , married and have three kids, and I was raised
on Darby, Third Man in the Mountain (there is a site put out by James
MacArthur on this film) and The Crawling Eye. She was great in The Day the
Earth Caught on Fire.
Erik Hamilton


Name: Gary
Email: gsmith@tx.ncsu.edu
Comments: Great website - really enjoyed it


Name: Galen Wilson
Email: irishgalen@yahoo.com
Comments: Janet is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.
Although I am not old enough to have lived when she was a star (I am 18) I
grew up watching Darby O'Gill and the little people and she captured my
heart. She had the most wonderful smile and maybe someday if we are lucky
enough, we will be star struck in heaven


Name: Donna M. Smith
Email: chickadee2000@comcast.net
Perkasie , Pa

Comments: I loved Janet Munro as "Katie" in Darby O'Gill!  What a sweet
face along with a wonderful talent


Hello Liam,
Comments: That's an excellent site you're building on Janet Munro. A question if I may. I have seen numerous places list Caroline Munro as one of her daughters Is there any truth to that?
Joe Skinnell

REPLY….Joe…No …Caroline Munro is NOT Janet’s daughter


Name: Ed Roberts
Email: djedroberts@aol.com
Newburgh , New York
Website: www.djedroberts.com

Comments: A wonderful tribute to a fine and compelling actress, long


Name: John Lange
Email: joshuafilms@msn.com
Van Nuys , CA

Comments: Hi Liam and Munro Family,
As an LA native, I remember Darby O'Gill at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
That day, a 10 year old boy developed a crush on a pretty Irish girl.
Seeing her on the walls of Disney Studio's animation building when I
worked there in the seventies kept my crush alive.  Always the good leave
us too early, but when new photos are found, it's like she's
saying, "Hello there young man. Here I am in one of my movies. I hope you
enjoy it."  Yes, Ms. Munro, I certainly do!
All best.  John Lange



From:  Maplecorn@aol.com

Subject: Janet Munro Query

Dear Mr Byrne,
First, I wanted you to know that I came across your Janet Munro web page
last evening while doing research on her. I found the site very interesting and
In the two Janet Munro films I have been able to see, she definitely qualifies as someone I would like to know more about.
I began taking notice of Janet ten years ago while watching a video
version of Disney's Swiss Family Robinson. My original intention was to watch James
MacArthur, who I have enjoyed since childhood. Janet, however, stole the
show. I was bewitched by her ability to play so many different roles and be so
truly expressive in each one.  Her performance in Darby O'Gill and the Little
People solidified my beliefs.
For the record, did she choke to death? You are the first person to note otherwise.
Andrew Agnew

REPLY….Andrew….Janet died of a Heart Attack.


Name: Gil
Address: Palo Alto , California USA

Comments: Great web site!  Janet Munro was a delightful actress...you've
put together a wonderful tribute.  Many thanks!


Name: Shelley Walker
Email: shelley_freckles@yahoo.com
Simi Valley , CA  

 Comments: I have searched for many years to find out what happened to
Janet Munro.  Your website is a wealth of information and the pictures
provide fans with a way of remembering Janet Munro.  Thanks!


Name: tom telling
Email: ttelling@hotmail.com
Bristol , VT

Comments: Hello!
Many of her films are unavailable.  Do you have a suggestion as to how to
find them?

Thank you.

REPLY www.nostalgiafamilyvideo.com has several of her old movies…..Ebay usually has several of her later movies  at any given time and all the Disney movies are on Amazon.Com


From: George Clark
Subject: My recollection of Janet Munro

Dear Liam Byrne,

I greatly appreciate your dedicating a website to Janet Munro. I discovered it by querying her name with a search engine.

 As a 53 year old man, I can tell you from recollection that Janet Munro and Hayley Mills had to be the crush of every male child in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

.Your website definitely brought back the memories. You must receive countless emails of similar content from men my age. That is because Janet was certainly idolized by all men of my generation, when we were children and Janet herself was in her mid twenties.

 Thank you,

 George Clark
 Beltsville, Maryland


Hello Liam,
as you said in your very good Janet Munro site, I just want to say hello. I do
not have much to add regarding your Janet Munro knowledge or collection of

I am a 56 years old (male), happily married for thirty years,
Norwegian Tommy Steele fan. I have been so since 1957/58 when the battle
between Tommy and Elvis were at the highest. Here in Scandinavia Tommy was the
winner in several polls. The rest is history, Elvis is dead and Tommy is still
going strong. When you’re a Tommy Steele fan you will also be a fan of his
co actresses, like Janet Munro. The other day I started to wonder what happened
to June Laverick (Duke Wore Jeans) and Janet Munro. Then I came across your
site. I have seen Janet on TV in Walt Disney movies, but I thought it was a
little quiet around her. Now I know why. I must admit it was a shock to me
reading that she died so young. She was absolutely
lovely in Tommy the Toreador. A film which I am seeing over and over again. I
live in the outskirts of
Oslo . There I have rebuilt my garage to the smallest
cinema in
Norway . The cinema has eight cinema chairs and a projection room with both
16 and 35mm projection equipment.

Why do I tell you all this? Just because I think you
would like to hear that I have a beautiful 35mm technicolour copy of Tommy the
Toreador which simply is my favourite film, thanks also to Janet Munro.  When I
am showing the film to friends, the walls are decorated with related posters,
pictures, lobby cards, records etc

Best regards,

 Terje Dalene


I just looked at your web site.  The thought of Janet was on my mind since I just finished watching "Darby O'Gill."  I remember seeing it in the theaters when it was released in 1959.

I always thought Janet was such a lovely girl and she seemed to "disappear" after the Disney films here in the
USA .  I was shocked to learn of her untimely passing  which I read in the early 1990's.

Thank you for putting together such a lovely collection of pictures and articles.  It helps to keep Janet's memory alive and I wish she was still here!  A wonderful job!



Name: Bernie Butler, Majorca . Spain
Email: berniebj@arrakis.es
Comments: I fell in love with Janet Munro in 1961 when I was 12 years old
after seeing Swiss Family Robinson. Impossible first love, it was such a
painful experience and I had to write to her care of Walt Disney. I
received a wonderful hand written letter and signed photo from her which
became one of my most treasured possessions. Unfortunately they both went
missing from my mother’s house when I went to sea in 1970. What was it
about her?


Name: Chris
Email: ccanne@comcast.net
Guilford , CT
Comments: In 1959 I was six years old and even at such a young age I
developed a crush on Janet after seeing her in 'Darby O'Gill'. Though I am
very saddened of her death I still remember her winsome ways. Thank you so
much for your website.


Name: Alex Munro
Comments: Dear Liam,
Janet and Alex Snr would have been over the moon about this website .
Good Luck with the book .
Kind Regards
Alex Jnr



From Robert Eckler

Last night I was watching Darby O'Gill and the Little People for the who knows how many times. It's my favorite Disney movie of all times, mainly because of the three leads. Sometimes you can like a person instantly just by the smile or happy look on her face. I've always loved Janet Munro in the film. It was sad to read about her sad life and her much too early death. I saw The Crawling Eye as a kid and liked it. It wasn't until I saw it as an adult, that I found out that Janet Munro was in it. I've seen far too little of her stuff. This is a great site and thanks for all of the wonderful photos of this charming young lady and the music you have on the site is great too. Maybe your site will keep her memory alive. I'm sure she's looking down with irresistible smile on her face!


Name: C. Porter

Comments: Thank you for allowing future generations to learn and know
about Miss Munro.  We live in a rural area of
Wyoming and my children
don't have access to television programming. They watch movies and she is
one of their favourites.
Your dedication to making sure her career is documented is commendable


Name: Misty

Comments: Love your site dedicated to the very Beautiful & Charming
actress Janet Munro! I best know her as Roberta in Swiss Family Robinson
and wished she could be my Mom!!!


My daughter and I enjoyed the pictures you had of Janet Munro.  Thank you so much for sharing your site with people like us.  We loved Janet Munro, and think she was so beautiful and sweet.  We are sad she died so young.

Thank you,

Angela, and (daughter) Jessica Cook

Pelham , Alabama ( USA )


Name: Edwin Brawley
Email: ebrawley@comcast dot net
Albuquerque , New Mexico , USA
Comments: I just got Darby O'Gill on DVD. Then I ordered Third Man On the
Mountain and The Day the Earth Caught Fire on DVD as well. Great
site--keep it up.


Name: Peter D'Amato
Email: PeterDAmato333@aol dot com
Guerneville , California
Website: www.Californiacarnivores.com
Comments: Like so many of your website visitors, I've been puzzled for
years as to what happened to this talented, adorable actress. My favorite
movies of hers are The Crawling Eye and The Day the Earth Caught Fire. I
liked Swiss Family Robinson too, but never seen her other films and now
I'll hunt them out. I knew something awful must have happened for such a
talent to have just "disappeared". Thank you so much for answering the
mystery. Finding your site made today a sad but rewarding one. Good job.


Name: Rich Teeter

Comments: Ms. Munro was gorgeous and fantastic in "Day the Earth
Caught Fire".  As a Sci-Fi  fan, I remember her well for "The Crawling Eye" as
well.  What a lovely woman.
I'm pleased to have found this site.


Name: Ariel Saez
Email: ArielSaez@Argentin dot com
Córdoba , Argentina

Gracias por mantener éste sitio, estoy muy agradecido por haber
visto información acerca de ésta carismática mujer.(.TRANSLATION…. Thanks to maintain this one site, very I am been thankful by to have seen information about this one charismatic woman)


Name: Rosalba & Giacomo

Comments: We are Italian Janet fans. This site is great, wonderful, beautiful, especially the photo gallery!! Janet Munro is the most beautiful woman of all time!!! We don't have any information about her daughters and others parents, what is their job?
Answer us, please!!!



Name :   Hugh Benton 
Email : banjopluck@aol dot com

Comments:   When I was a little boy, my parents had taken me along with a cousin of mine to see "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" at a drive-in a small town in Central California .  The whole family enjoyed the movie so much that I remember that we went to see it at least one or two more times during the time that it played there, even taking other family members.

I remember that I was just crazy for Janet Munro.  I suspect she must have been my first real "crush" being such a beautiful and charming girl.  And, I suspect that the movie was also probably the first taste that I had ever had of
Ireland and the rich heritage and stories.  I must also toss in that from that time I have always been enormously fascinated with stories of the Banshee, which as a kid literally scared the liver right out of me.

As years passed, I did see Janet in other movies on occasion, but it never occurred to me to find out what had happened to her.

What made me think of her again was when I had brought my two youngest grandsons out here to stay with my wife and me for the weekend.  I wanted to get them a movie that I thought they would like to watch right before bedtime so I had picked "Darby O'GiIl."  Well, Grandpa enjoyed it at least as much as what they did and there was Janet Munro again, looking as beautiful as what I had remembered her as a child.

I think it was the next day that I began to check with the Internet to find out what had happened to this lovely woman, and I was so grieved when I discovered that she had passed away.  What was even stranger to me is that, even though she had passed away MANY years previously, I was almost as grieved as if it had just happened a few hours before.

How nice to know that I'm not the only one who still thinks of this lovely woman after all of these years.


Name: Melanie Knox
Comments: I am 29 years old, and grew up watching Darby O'Gill.  My sister
and I really enjoyed it.  Janet was such a beautiful person.  I get such a
feeling of joy whenever I see her sing with Sean Connery.  Thank you for
such a wonderful website.  My children will grow up watching that movie,
as I did.  She will be remembered for years to come. Thanks


Hi Liam,

It being St. Patrick's Day, the other girls and I in the office have been making people that come into the office dance and Irish jig for us and we began talking about Darby O'Gill and the Little People.  I looked it up on Amazon.com and saw that Disney has released it on DVD.  That's when I noticed Janet's name in the credits and we all wondered what ever happened to her.  So I typed in her name on the Amazon search and that brought me to your site.  I was so sorry to hear that she had died at such a young age.  I figured she stopped acting to raise a family like so many actresses did back then.  I like your site.  It is well done and there are good pictures of her.  I hadn't realized that she was also in The Crawling Eye -- a movie that gave me nightmares as a child. 

Anyway just wanted to tell you thanks for providing the info.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Holly (McMuldrough) Calkins


I am sitting here with my class of students watching Janet Munro in Darby O'Gill and the Little People.  While discussing the stars, we wondered in what other films Ms. Munro has been.
We came across your web site and enjoyed your research. 
Happy St. Patrick's Day

Dennis McEntire



My husband and I have loved "Darby O'gill" and the darling young girl, Janet Munro!  Those twinkling eyes and that gorgeous smile!  She was a true beauty!!  She and Sean Connery made a terrific couple - both charming and adorable!!!

As a matter of fact, we've watched the movie many times since it first came out in VHS.  My great grandmother lived in Ireland and came to the US about 1863 when she was 13. 

My husband has used the line "her tongue could cut a hedge" in referring to me.

Thank you for taking the time to provide a wonderful website in her honor!   I loved reading it!


Sandra Hammond

Columbus , Ohio  


Name: Kathleen Larson
Email: mmklarson@cox-internet dot com

Comments: I am getting in touch with my Irish roots and stumbled upon your
Web site.  Thank you for giving Ms. Munro the credit she is long overdue.


My name is Tracy Ramos and I am writing from Menifee , California .
I wanted to write to let you know how lovely and thoughtful your
website of Janet Munro is.

I absolutely loved her! Darby O' Gill was my favourite Disney Movie. I saw
it for the very first time when I was a teenager (I am now 36) in the hospital
recovering from a gall bladder problem. It was about 2:30 am and I turned on
the T.V. to see the most beautiful young girl with her red hair, freckles and
green eyes.

To this day when I see the movie it is like an old friend who kept me company
during my lonely hospital stay. I still smile when I think of her and the movie.

Thank you so much for keeping her memory alive and please let her family know
that she is not forgotten!


Tracy L. Ramos


Name: Sylvia Moe
Email: sylvia.moe@wanadoo dot fr

Comments: Just the other week out of the blue Janet Munro`s name crossed
my mind, I thought I would look on the internet for info., I was very
saddened to find that she had passed away so tragically in the early 70`s.
The first time I saw Janet Munro was in a TV play called "The Moth" it
must have been in the 5o`s. and I also recall when she had one of her
children that she called Miss New as they had not found a name for her
yet. Janet had an innocent freshness about her she was very special and a
very sincere actress.


Name: Richard

Comments: I think she was the most beautiful woman of her time. Probably
the least known too. It's sad what happened to her. Such a talented and
amazing woman.


Hello Liam,

I was very interested to read your site about Janet Munro.  I think she and her husband Ian made a very interesting couple, and I remember long ago an article in a woman's magazine about the beautiful house they had on the River Thames.  I was quite envious!

I no longer have this article, and wish I had kept it.  What a tragic end they both came to, and with so many years still ahead of them.

One of their daughters - I cannot recall which one - became a model for a while, and I have often wondered where she is and what she is doing now - she looked strikingly like her father!   Can you help on this one?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Theresa Morello

Gloucester , England








Thanks for putting this site together.  I grew up watching Janet's movies and often wondered what became of her.  I couldn't believe that there were not more projects that she was involved in.  One site mentioned her death at an early age but was very mysterious about it and her departure from Disney.

Probably not considered a great movie in the world of entertainment, I nevertheless enjoyed the movie "Horsemasters".  I hope it comes to DSS soon so that I can record it.  I wonder what her relationship was like with Annette.

I hope her family is doing well.  Are her children involved in acting?

Again, thanks for the great site. 

Don Wainwright



Name: chris browne
Email: chris.browne at btireland
Address: Arklow
Wicklow ,  Ireland

Website: www.worldofepicmovies.net
Comments: I would like to say that I agree with the sentiment of many who
have signed your guestbook.  That even now so many years after her sad
death, one can look at a picture of her smiling and feel great sadness.
It’s incredible just how upset I feel now after reading about her problems
and her untimely death at 38.  I had no idea and I feel quite numb.

I was looking at the imdb website and I decided to look her up.  I
recently watch Darby O Gill on St Patrick's day on RTE TV (Irish Station).  She was beautiful
and shone from the screen like an angel.  I am very sad to hear she died
so many years ago and I hope God is being good to her.

There must be some truth in the sentiment that 'God takes the good away
from us when they are young'.

God bless you Katie O'Gill


Name: samuel r.kirk
Email: captkirk67 at hotmail.com

Comments: as a rabid fan of walt disney classics and television,and an
eternal lover of redheads, I fell instantly in love with Janet Munro at a
very early age.
From the first time I saw "swiss family robinson" I longed to be James Mac Arthur as the young man she fell in love with.later, in "The Horsemasters" and "Darby O'Gill"  I was hooked forever. I am now 56 years old and still watch these movies at least once a year. Janet Munro was both beautiful, talented and sweet,and I have never lost that love throughout the years. I miss her.throw in the gorgeous British accent and she was abolutely irresistible to me.

I love you Janet.


Name: Marco Gemelli
Email: marcogem at yahoo.it
Florence , Italy

Comments: Oh, how can I describe my sadness when I've read Janet isn't with us anymore? I've seen "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" a few minutes ago, and I decided to see on the web about that fantastic actress.
Her smile is simply charming, as her glance. She'd have been a gently
person, sweet and glad. Thanks to you, webmaster: Janet' will remain in my
mind (and heart) forever.


Name: Pete Butler
Email: rwx@otto dot org

Website: http://www.stranglers.net
Comments: I just watched Swiss Family Robinson, and had no idea about
Janet's tragic early death until being told a few minutes ago.


Name: Moira

I have been trying for many years to get a copy of the video
 bitter harvest with Janet Munro and Ian Hendry.

Could you help.



Name: Rod Plapp
Email: comicsgod53@yahoo dot com
Address:   Amity , Oregon USA
Comments: I too fell under the spell of Janet at a young age seeing her in
Darby O`Gill and Swiss Family Robinson When I was a young lad in the early
sixties. I would guess that she was the first love of many young men.
Thank you so much for the information you provide


Name: jonathan Lippman
Email: jonathan_lippman@yahoo dot com
Geneva , Switzerland
Comments: Janet was charming in deed. I was born in 1950 so I remember her
Disney films with great pleasure. IT is scary. There is a 1930s Warner
Brothers actress named Jane Bryan who played Bette Davis's daughter in THE
OLD MAID and Davis's sister in MARKED WOMAN among other roles. She is the
spitting image of Janet. It is incredible. Look her up in the internet to
see what I mean. Bryan was being groomed to be star at Warners but got
married and quit in 1940 after some 20 or so movies. She is Janet's
double... Janet kinda reminds me of a younger Maureen O'Hara type.....